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The Benefits of a Mobile Time and Attendance App

Time and Attendance might be the most used Human Resource Management System(HRMS) function, because everyone punches in and out at work. The modern HRMS offers much more than a punch clock. Our time and attendance modules enable managers to set schedules, track hours worked, manage time off, and feed all the relevant data direct to the payroll module each month. Also, with the rising impact of mobile and contingent workers, having a mobile system that can be accessed anywhere has certain benefits.

These benefits include Flexible Management, Employee Self-Service, and Accuracy.

Our Mobile Application is available for Apple and Android platforms, a great solution for mobile and remote employees. The iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone, and Android tablet devices offer friendly user interfaces and intuitive apps. Now, these tools have become even more productive - employees can enter time and supervisors can mange their workforce - by simply downloading the app!

This is an ideal solution for construction businesses, maid/cleaning services, home health care, and other mobile businesses with employees working remotely in various locations. NOVAmobile, offers true Workforce Management / Time and Attendance functionality on the go. Whether you are a remote employee or a manager supervising a team of employees in the field, NOVAmobile offers flexibility that allows you to accomplish critical workforce management tasks when and where needed.

Features & Functionality: