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Huron Valley Schools

The Need

School districts have been facing financial challenges for years, and a number of years ago Huron Valley Schools began to determine how to work smarter and reduce costs. They understood that sometimes money must be spent now to save money in the future.

When Dawn Cruz, supervisor of Computer Information Systems & Pupil Accounting, began to evaluate the district's payroll activities, she noticed some needed changes.

"We had a few departments with very labor-intensive payrolls. They entered, compiled and totaled all the payroll data manually," says Dawn, who adds, "The departments were large, and they were wasting a lot of time on these activities." She also noticed that they did not have a good way of keeping track of employees' time, which potentially affected productivity and costs.

Huron Valley Schools decided that it needed to capture data electronically to streamline payroll activities and maintain better and more accurate employee records. Thus, they initiated a bid process. Upon comparing companies' products and pricing, they chose Cincinnati Time Systems for their most comprehensive product and functionality at the best price.

The Action

Huron Valley Schools worked closely with Cincinnati Time Systems and acquired a time and attendance system that electronically collects timecard information. Thus, no longer did employees need to manually enter, compile and total work time, sick time and holiday time.

The Schools also acquired the ability to write and build into the system rules as to contracts and how they pay for holiday time and overtime. This helped them create a customized system for their particular needs.

Today, Huron Valley Schools has time clocks in every facility. Their 27 time clocks are within school buildings, maintenance buildings and power plants district-wide. The majority of staff use a swipe card on their ID badge, while employees in farther locations enter information into a computer via a pin number system.

The Benefits

"Initially, some people were a little apprehensive while others were accustomed to an electronic time system," says Dawn, who worked with Cincinnati Time Systems to set up and test the system, and to get it fine-tuned and running smoothly.

"One of our departments found that this system shaved off a day's worth of payroll work per pay period," Dawn says, who found in her own department hundreds of records that no longer needed manual entry. "Another department, quite a large group, found that they could far better track their people and their productivity."

Thus, as a result of this decision, Huron Valley Schools experienced a huge time and cost savings. According to Dawn, "The savings from this system actually paid for itself."

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