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LMT Rehab

The Need

In business since 1969, LMT Rehab has provided physical medicine and rehabilitation services in Royal Oak, Rochester Hills and Clawson, while administering Beaumont Hospital's internship program. For almost the entire 40 years, LMT Rehab conducted all payroll activities manually for their 50-some employees.

"We used to jot our employees' times on pieces of paper and turn them in," says bookkeeper Laura Wolford, who used to be on-call constantly to give staff copies of their hours and answer questions as to accruals, hours, time-off, etc.

When they learned about Cincinnati Time Systems' quality time and attendance systems, Wolford and LMT Rehab reconsidered doing payroll manually.

The Action

When Cincinnati Time Systems assessed LMT Rehab's payroll needs, they initially recommended a basic swipe-card system, NovaTime 100. "It started out off simply, and I finally didn't need to do math in my head," Wolford says.

A couple of years later, Cincinnati Time Systems suggested that LMT Rehab upgrade to an online, web-based solution, to provide their three locations with easy information access. LMT Rehab chose NovaTime 3000, a popular solution for multiple locations, which provides web access and employee password protection. It enables easy viewing of hours, accruals and the ability to request time-off online. It also tailors itself well for a distributed workforce and enables supervisors to see, revise and have more control as to employee payroll issues.

Upon acquiring their new payroll system, LMT Rehab shared their policies with Cincinnati Time Systems, who wrote and downloaded a customized software program. They then trained all the staff on the new technology.

The Benefits

LMT Rehab significantly benefited from their automated time and attendance systems and their upgrade to an online, web-based system. Streamlined payroll activities lead to far less paper and much fewer calls, questions, and interruptions. Increased employee accountability means that staff log on, view and manage their own time, with hands-on access to their information. The system routinely feeds calculations into Wolford's computer.

"I no longer need to worry or spend all of my time punching everyone in and out or answering constant questions," says Wolford, who acknowledges that upgrading their system every couple of years helps LMT Rehab keep moving forward with technology. The staff comfortably learns new systems and embraces new technology and processes, while Cincinnati Time Systems hosts upgrades and upgrades the software continuously.

One poignant payroll day, LMT Rehab's computer system acquired the Trojan virus. While the computers and operating system crashed, because of their online payroll system's superior technology and security, they easily ran payroll.

"The clock ticked, as payroll needed processing by 3 pm. Because of our web-based system, I had everything processed in a timely basis," says Wolford.

In addition to effective time and attendance systems, LMT Rehab values Cincinnati Time Systems' support and service, including their customized software training on multiple occasions.

"We appreciate Cincinnati Time Systems, from their salesperson to their technicians. They walk us through everything, and we never get in over our head," Wolford says. "The techs review and resolve our system remotely and are very pleasant, supportive, and very timely."

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