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Trott & Trott

The Need

Farmington Hills-based Trott & Trott law firm significantly outgrew their time-keeping system, as it had become antiquated and no longer supported their needs. This 30-year-old debt collection law firm, which represents banks and mortgage companies, had experienced a quickly degrading payroll database and questionable accuracy in their payroll system.

"Productivity was reduced as our employees wondered if the time on their timesheet was correct," says Human Resources Director Scott Bonacorsi. "We were seeking to accurately process payroll and to turn it around quickly. Yet, we were doing a lot of double-checking to ensure the data was correct," he says.

As part of a larger group of companies, Trott & Trott processes payroll for nearly 500 employees from five different companies. This makes for a complicated organizational chart, and the need for a strong time-keeping system.

"We wanted one database for all of our employees, where each company and employee information was separate but equal," Scott says.

The Action

Trott & Trott chose to meet with Cincinnati Time Systems, who carefully gathered information from them and presented certain Time & Attendance products to consider.

"Cincinnati Time Systems conducted a strong assessment of our needs before making a recommendation. They gave us information to review on various products and also conducted a production demonstration for us," says Scott, who had researched what other growing and merging companies were using for their time system.

Trott & Trott chose the NovaTime 3000 produc, for its online functionalities and ability to grow in its offerings as the company grew.

The Benefits

"Our new web-based time system is much more sophisticated than the manual system we had previously," says Scott, referring to their web-based system, in which everyone connects via a web-link on their computer.

Cincinnati Time Systems, the only local company that comes out to train clients, provided customized professional, on-site training. According to Scott, once employees learned the system, they found it easy to configure.

"I personally like the ability for our staff to request time off online, as in HR we work to eliminate paper," says Scott, adding that Trott & Trott's time system now is customized for each company's needs.

Managers have a stronger and easier tool that provides information and employee trends, which help to manage workforce daily and proactively make decisions to help the company. An employee sign-off feature enables time accuracy to be confirmed.

Further, their recent move to a new payroll system resulted in a very smooth transition.

"We owe our thanks to Cincinnati Time Systems for working with the payroll company to make it work. Our time system integrates very well with various payroll systems," Scott says, adding, "The folks at Cincinnati Time Systems are easy to work with and do a thorough job in gathering information assessing needs. The end result is that our system worked shortly after we rolled out the program, which is a testament to them."

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