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Cherry Optical

The Mission & Vision:

Cherry Optical has been a family owned business since 1977. They specialize in grinding lenses for Optometrists. The difference between Cherry Optical and other optical service providers is their fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, quality products and personalized service. With their in-house AR coating & Digital Progressives capabilities, they are able to control the quality of their products from start to finish, giving their clients the best for less. Cherry Optical knew that with such services they would need a time system that was able to be customized for their needs and be able to have upgrading options. Thus they switched from using their payroll provider for time & attendance to Cincinnati Time Systems.

The Reason for Switching:

After meeting with us in 2001 and discussing the various products and options that were available, Cherry Optical decided that they would be better off going with a company that specializes in time & attendance and choose Cincinnati Time Systems. Over the years, as the company has expanded and their needs have changed, they have upgraded their time system multiple times ensuring that they had the most advanced and up to date products available.

In 2007, Cherry Optical decided to upgrade their time system to our NovaTime 3000 Enterprise product with Web Services due to their expansion.

In 2012, they decided to upgrade once again to our NovaTime 4000 hosted product. This was due to the company's desire to have the most advanced product available. Plus their 3000 product was being sunset at the end of 2012. The NovaTime 4000 hosted product would allow the company to have ease of mind as all future upgrades and updates were included with the hosted product.

The 4000 upgrade went very smoothly and Rosie is very pleased with the improvements. Cincinnati Time Systems was able to migrate all of her existing data including the rules and policies along with the prior punch data without any difficulties.

Using our Products:

Rosie comments that for her the best part of the time & attendance system is the ability to upload everything directly to their payroll company without manually imputing the data. She also expresses that our technical staff is awesome and that they can usually resolve any issue within a few minutes.

Overall Experience:

Rosie commented that her overall experience with Cincinnati Time Systems has been a good one. She has expressed that she would very likely refer Cincinnati Time Systems to anyone in need of a time system.

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