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Weber Automotive

The Mission & Vision:

Weber Automotive, a German based company, opened their Michigan office in 2011. As the company grows, their motivation is understandable when reflecting on their history. For more than 40 years the company has “lived” its mission statement: “Quality Prevails!” By putting this mission statement into effect for the development and assembly of engines and thus coming closer to the vision of integrated engine know-how, Weber Automotive realizes that “Perfection is their drive”. To be the best and keeping with their vision, they wouldn't settle for anything less than the most professional Time & Attendance Provider in the area, thus choosing Cincinnati Time Systems.

The Need:

Weber Automotive needed a time system that would not only be the most efficient, but the most advanced system available. They needed a time system that would not only have the ability to clock in & out, but also be able to monitor PTO time, absences, vacation, time off, and had the ability to grow as they added additional locations.

The Solution:

Upon meeting with Cincinnati Time Systems in July of 2011, and discussing the various products and options that were available. Weber Automotive decided to go with the NovaTime 4000 Hosted Product with Employee & Supervisor Web Services and the new GT400 Hand Readers with "Push" technology. Tony at Weber Automotive states, "that the best features of NovaTime 4000 is the ease of editing punches and the ability to transfer punches to their payroll system."

Weber Automotive expressed that the overall implementation of the hardware and software went smoothly and that Cincinnati Time Systems meet their initial expectations. They feel that even with the smallest of issues, a quick phone call to one of our professional technicians on staff quickly can resolve any dilemmas. Toney stated, "you have very professional technicians that not only tell you what the problem is, but also the solution."

Overall Experience:

Tony has worked with Cincinnati Time Systems at a past employer and has expressed his fondness of our services, software, and hardware. One of his first moves at Weber Automotive was to recommend Cincinnati Time Systems as their Time and Attendance Provider. He has expressed that if he were to ever leave Weber Automotive he would defiantly recommend Cincinnati Time Systems to a future employer.

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