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The Mission & Vision:

Cherry Optical has been a family owned business since 1977. They specialize in grinding lenses for Optometrists. The difference between Cherry Optical and other optical service providers is their fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, quality products and personalized service. With their in-house AR coating & Digital Progressives capabilities, they are able to control the quality of their products from start to finish, giving their clients the best for less. Cherry Optical knew that with such services they would need a time system that was able to be customized for their needs and be able to have upgrading options. Thus they switched from using their payroll provider for time & attendance to Cincinnati Time Systems.

The Reason for Switching:

After meeting with us in 2001 and discussing the various products and options that were available, Cherry Optical decided that they would be better off going with a company that specializes in time & attendance and chose Cincinnati Time Systems. Over the years, as the company has expanded and their needs have changed, they have upgraded their time system multiple times ensuring that they have the most advanced and up to date products available.

In 2007, Cherry Optical decided to upgrade their time system to our NovaTime 3000 Enterprise product with Web Services due to their expansion.

In 2012, they decided to upgrade once again to our NovaTime 4000 hosted product. This was due to the company's desire to have the most advanced product available. The NovaTime 4000 hosted product would allow the company to have ease of mind as all future upgrades and updates were included with the hosted product.

The 4000 upgrade went very smoothly and Rose was very pleased with the improvements. Cincinnati Time Systems was able to migrate all of her existing data including the rules and policies along with the prior punch data without any difficulty.

Using our Products:

Rose comments that for her the best part of the time & attendance system is the ability to upload everything directly to their payroll company without manually imputing the data. She also expresses that our technical staff is awesome and that they can usually resolve any issue within a few minutes.

Overall Experience:

Rose commented that her overall experience with Cincinnati Time Systems has been a good one. She has expressed that she would very likely refer Cincinnati Time Systems to anyone in need of a time system.

The Mission & Vision:

Weber Automotive, a German based company, opened their Michigan office in 2011. As the company grows, their motivation is understandable when reflecting on their history. For more than 40 years the company has “lived” its mission statement: “Quality Prevails!” By putting this mission statement into effect for the development and assembly of engines and thus coming closer to the vision of integrated engine know-how, Weber Automotive realizes that “Perfection is their drive”. To be the best and keeping with their vision, they wouldn't settle for anything less than the most professional Time & Attendance Provider in the area, thus choosing Cincinnati Time Systems.

The Need:

Weber Automotive needed a time system that would not only be the most efficient, but the most advanced system available. They needed a time system that would not only have the ability to clock in & out, but also be able to monitor PTO time, absences, vacation, time off, and had the ability to grow as they added additional locations.

The Solution:

Upon meeting with Cincinnati Time Systems in July of 2011, and discussing the various products and options that were available. Weber Automotive decided to go with the 4000 Hosted Product with Employee & Supervisor Web Services and the new GT400 Hand Readers with "Push" technology. Tony at Weber Automotive states, "the best features of the 4000 system are the ease of editing punches and the ability to transfer punches to our payroll system."

Weber Automotive expressed that the overall implementation of the hardware and software went smoothly and that Cincinnati Time Systems meet their initial expectations. They feel that even with the smallest of issues, a quick phone call to one of our professional technicians on staff quickly can resolve any dilemmas. Tony stated, "you have very professional technicians that not only tell you what the problem is, but also the solution."

Overall Experience:

Tony has worked with Cincinnati Time Systems at a past employer and has expressed his fondness of our services, software, and hardware. One of his first moves at Weber Automotive was to recommend Cincinnati Time Systems as their Time and Attendance Provider. He has expressed that if he were to ever leave Weber Automotive he would defiantly recommend Cincinnati Time Systems to a future employer.

The Need:

In business since 1969, LMT Rehab has provided physical medicine and rehabilitation services in Royal Oak, Rochester Hills and Clawson, while administering Beaumont Hospital's internship program. For almost the entire 40 years, LMT Rehab conducted all payroll activities manually for their 50-some employees.

"We used to jot our employees' times on pieces of paper and turn them in," says bookkeeper Laura Wolford, who used to be on-call constantly to give staff copies of their hours and answer questions as to accruals, hours, time-off, etc.

When they learned about Cincinnati Time Systems' quality time and attendance systems, Wolford and LMT Rehab reconsidered doing payroll manually.

The Action:

When Cincinnati Time Systems assessed LMT Rehab's payroll needs, they initially recommended a basic swipe-card system, NovaTime 100. "It started out off simply, and I finally didn't need to do math in my head," Wolford says.

A couple of years later, Cincinnati Time Systems suggested that LMT Rehab upgrade to an online, web-based solution, to provide their three locations with easy information access. LMT Rehab chose NovaTime 3000, a popular solution for multiple locations, which provides web access and employee password protection. It enables easy viewing of hours, accruals and the ability to request time-off online. It also tailors itself well for a distributed workforce and enables supervisors to see, revise and have more control as to employee payroll issues.

Upon acquiring their new payroll system, LMT Rehab shared their policies with Cincinnati Time Systems, who wrote and downloaded a customized software program. They then trained all the staff on the new technology.

The Benefits:

LMT Rehab significantly benefited from their automated time and attendance systems and their upgrade to an online, web-based system. Streamlined payroll activities lead to far less paper and much fewer calls, questions, and interruptions. Increased employee accountability means that staff log on, view and manage their own time, with hands-on access to their information. The system routinely feeds calculations into Wolford's computer.

"I no longer need to worry or spend all of my time punching everyone in and out or answering constant questions," says Wolford, who acknowledges that upgrading their system every couple of years helps LMT Rehab keep moving forward with technology. The staff comfortably learns new systems and embraces new technology and processes, while Cincinnati Time Systems hosts upgrades and upgrades the software continuously.

One poignant payroll day, LMT Rehab's computer system acquired the Trojan virus. While the computers and operating system crashed, because of their online payroll system's superior technology and security, they easily ran payroll.

"The clock ticked, as payroll needed processing by 3 pm. Because of our web-based system, I had everything processed in a timely basis," says Wolford.

In addition to effective time and attendance systems, LMT Rehab values Cincinnati Time Systems' support and service, including their customized software training on multiple occasions.

"We appreciate Cincinnati Time Systems, from their salesperson to their technicians. They walk us through everything, and we never get in over our head," Wolford says. "The techs review and resolve our system remotely and are very pleasant, supportive, and very timely."

The Need:

Farmington Hills-based Trott & Trott law firm significantly outgrew their time-keeping system, as it had become antiquated and no longer supported their needs. This 30-year-old debt collection law firm, which represents banks and mortgage companies, had experienced a quickly degrading payroll database and questionable accuracy in their payroll system.

"Productivity was reduced as our employees wondered if the time on their timesheet was correct," says Human Resources Director Scott Bonacorsi. "We were seeking to accurately process payroll and to turn it around quickly. Yet, we were doing a lot of double-checking to ensure the data was correct," he says.

As part of a larger group of companies, Trott & Trott processes payroll for nearly 500 employees from five different companies. This makes for a complicated organizational chart, and the need for a strong time-keeping system.

"We wanted one database for all of our employees, where each company and employee information was separate but equal," Scott says.

The Action:

Trott & Trott chose to meet with Cincinnati Time Systems, who carefully gathered information from them and presented certain Time & Attendance products to consider.

"Cincinnati Time Systems conducted a strong assessment of our needs before making a recommendation. They gave us information to review on various products and also conducted a production demonstration for us," says Scott, who had researched what other growing and merging companies were using for their time system.

Trott & Trott chose the NovaTime 3000 produc, for its online functionalities and ability to grow in its offerings as the company grew.

The Benefits:

"Our new web-based time system is much more sophisticated than the manual system we had previously," says Scott, referring to their web-based system, in which everyone connects via a web-link on their computer.

Cincinnati Time Systems, the only local company that comes out to train clients, provided customized professional, on-site training. According to Scott, once employees learned the system, they found it easy to configure.

"I personally like the ability for our staff to request time off online, as in HR we work to eliminate paper," says Scott, adding that Trott & Trott's time system now is customized for each company's needs.

Managers have a stronger and easier tool that provides information and employee trends, which help to manage workforce daily and proactively make decisions to help the company. An employee sign-off feature enables time accuracy to be confirmed.

Further, their recent move to a new payroll system resulted in a very smooth transition.

"We owe our thanks to Cincinnati Time Systems for working with the payroll company to make it work. Our time system integrates very well with various payroll systems," Scott says, adding, "The folks at Cincinnati Time Systems are easy to work with and do a thorough job in gathering information assessing needs. The end result is that our system worked shortly after we rolled out the program, which is a testament to them."

The Need:

Security, Athletic Facilities & Events (S.A.F.E.) Management is a specifically tailored crowd management company that specializes in stadium, facility and special event management. They currently manage 4 major stadiums:

  • M&T Bank Stadium in Maryland (Baltimore Ravens )
  • Ford Field Stadium in Michigan (Detroit Lions)
  • Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Florida (Jacksonville Jaguars and University of Florida – NCAA Men’s Football)
  • Arizona Cardinals Stadium (Fiesta Bowl)

S.A.F.E. Management also teams up with the National Football League (NFL) to provide security, crowd management and guest services for numerous Super Bowl events.

To boost their service levels and productivity, S.A.F.E. Management had to improve their employee timekeeping solution to better manage their workforce in various stadiums and remote locations, sometime without network connections. To accommodate the business requirements, they chose the NOVAtime 3000 Enterprise Edition system and its lightweight, rugged and portable NT6000P mobile PDA terminals. Connectivity for the NT6000P terminals is provided via standard Wi-Fi access while others utilized cellular connectivity.

The Action:

"What we do is very unique and that was one of our biggest challenges in finding someone that we can work with, count on, and deliver. Because of this uniqueness, we have had to custom-ize specific functionality within the NOVAtime application, and everyone at Cincinnati Time Systems and NOVAtime has been more than accommodating to whatever we want. I’m not afraid to say we are very needy," said Duane Hamilton, Event Manager at S.A.F.E. Management.

Mr. Hamilton stated, "We have been very impressed with our sales rep, Mr. Scott McGlone. He’s very professional and knowledgeable. The support team at Cincinnati Time Systems has gone above and beyond in getting us up and running in a very short period of time. Everyone from NOVAtime is exceptionally knowledgeable and great to work with." Mr. Hamilton added, "With diligent support from Cincinnati Time Systems and professional services team at NOVAtime, we were able to ramp up from 50 employees in the system to 5,500 employees in 3 months. There is no question that without the focused help from everyone, we could not have utilized the NOVAtime system so effortlessly to support the 43rd Super Bowl event!" NOVAtime’s Time and Attendance/Workforce Management solution is load-tested and a scalable multi-tiered timekeeping solution.

The Benefits:

"With the NT6000P mobile terminals and cell phone connections, we capture employee time punches and labor data in real-time. I logged into the NOVAtime system and monitored the employees clocking in and out at the Stadium as I watched the Super Bowl game," said Tom Hood, System Engineer at Cincinnati Time Systems in Detroit. Bryce Robbins, System Engineer at Cincinnati Time Systems, added, "S.A.F.E. Management’s servers are hosted in Detroit and these time punches are posted from Tampa, Florida. The power of these NT6000P mobile devices is to deliver critical labor data for S.A.F.E. in real-time and it’s a touchdown for us!"

Prior to its NOVAtime timekeeping solution, S.A.F.E. Management used Time Clock Plus and were not able to effectively collect critical labor information when their employees worked offsite. "When we have to work re-motely or at locations with no Wi-Fi connections, NT6000Ps with the cellular connection work well for us. We eliminate manual labor tracking for employees working offsite and increases our labor data accuracy, saves us time and cost of processing payroll manually. NOVAtime easily integrated into our existing Millennium payroll system, "said Mr. Hamilton.

The Super Bowl XLIII NFL championship, which ended with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ last-minute touchdown pass from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes—a dra-matic victory over the Arizona Cardinals, 27-23. It drew a large crowd of 75,000 fans at Ray-mond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on February 1, 2009. Through the use of NOVA-time’s innovative Time and Attendance/Workforce Management system, S.A.F.E. Manage-ment processed over 90,000 hours of time punches from this event, and they successfully managed over 5,500 employees with ease.

Long-Term NOVAtime Client NJT Enterprises, LLC Upgrades to State-of-the-Art NOVAtime 4000 SaaS Workforce Management Solution

DIAMOND BAR, CALIF., January 21, 2014 - NOVAtime Technology, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solutions, is happy to announce that long-term client NJT Enterprises, LLC, doing business as Mayco International, LLC, has upgraded to the NOVAtime 4000 SaaS Workforce Management Solution with NT450 HID time clocks to manage their workforce and labor hours in real-time.

Mayco International is a multi-billion dollar, Tier 1 supplier that provides design and advanced engineering services, tooling, manufacturing and assembly, sequencing and logistics, and systems integration services. Headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Mayco International has more than 6,000 employees in 36 plants across the USA, China, India, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and Australia. The company’s vision is to be recognized as the supplier of choice in the development, validation, tooling, and manufacturing of complete product systems and modules for any industry.

In 2007, Mayco International was utilizing an outdated Kronos time system. With 17 locations and growing, Mayco International needed to upgrade to a more comprehensive and global system that would enable users from multiple locations to access the application. After considering Kronos, ADP, and NOVAtime, the company decided that the NOVAtime 3000 workforce management system was the best choice, and implemented the solution in 2008.

After enjoying the NOVAtime 3000 system for 5 years, Mayco International, priding themselves on staying current with the latest technology, began looking to upgrade. In 2013, Mayco International once again evaluated Kronos and ADP, but selected the cloudbased NOVAtime 4000 SaaS workforce management system as their product of choice. NOVAtime 4000 offers a complete set of features, including time, attendance, scheduling, accrual, leave, and reporting features that operate in real-time. The robust functionality, as well as the system’s flexibility to support changing business policies, scalability to support any size organization, and user-friendliness were several reasons why Mayco International chose NOVAtime.

Mayco International’s users and employees are pleased that the new NT450 time clocks transfer data in real-time, quickly providing an accurate display of information. This enables users to make timely labor decisions as situations arise. Moreover, NOVAtime 4000 includes a dashboard for supervisors, notifying them when exceptions occur, without having to run a report or look at timesheets. Thus, supervisors can adjust and correct employees’ time efficiently, eliminating time spent searching for mistakes or exceptions.

Another time-saving feature that Mayco International’s Human Resource Department utilizes is the scheduling module, especially the flex scheduling feature. Flex scheduling allows users to copy and paste previous schedules quickly, without having to recreate a new template every week. The entire solution includes a variety of functions designed to streamline organizations’ labor processes, saving time and improving efficiency.

Cincinnati Time Systems in Detroit (CTD; ), a premier “Summit” NOVAtime reseller, performed the initial implementation of NOVAtime 3000, as well as the transition over to NOVAtime 4000. During the transition, CTD not only migrated all of Mayco International’s employee information, but also company rules, policies, and punch history. Mayco International praised CTD’s quick attention when requests were made and help was needed. “When one of our sites was down during the end of the day,” said Mayco International’s Information System’s Director, “[CTD’s] IT department went above and beyond to help us fix some employee records, and got the payroll transferred so they could process payroll for their hourly UAW employees.”

Mayco International’s Management team views their relationship with CTD as being a team, as opposed to a simple buy-and-sell relationship. They added, “We would be more than glad to recommend Cincinnati Time Systems and the NOVAtime 4000 solution to anyone in need of a time system with excellent customer service.” Likewise, NOVAtime and CTD recognize Mayco International not only as a valued client, but as an exceptional partner as well.

Customer Feedback:

Stephanie Frownfelter:
I work for Beacon Park Finishing. I started here and got thrown into this position as the company was changing ownership, so as you can imagine things were/are CRAZY. Most days I’m in communication either by phone or email with Adam or Michael asking them questions, stressing about situations that I want to get under control, the list goes on. Adam has gone as far as answering my emails while setting on a plane answering my questions. Michael was fulling informed that I was new and would probably be asking for help. Michael spoke with me for about a half hour to make sure all my questions were answered and I felt comfortable before letting me go. He kept reiterating to me that this is their job and he will take as long as I need with him. Your staff is beyond wonderful!! I don’t know where I’d be without them. Too many people don’t take the time to recognize people who go above and beyond. You have a fantastic team and you should be proud of them and you’re self!! Novatime will always have our business because of the customer service provided.

Customer Feedback:

Good Afternoon Mr. Dykstra,

I wanted to take a minute of your time and compliment your employee Adam Bander. In the last year I have moved from the Accounting department to the Human Resource department at Alloya. I have worked several times with Adam Bander since I am a true rookie. He is extremely knowledgeable of the system, logical in his thought process and most important helps me understand how employee's errors happen and how to research them myself going forward. Today, October 23, 2014, we worked on a problem and he proactively helped me find a resolution to prevent any salary employee from repeating the error. It is really a great feeling to have someone that is on our team and helps make our company more efficient. I look forward to our working relationship in the future.

Thank you for your time,

Joannie Kluge Payroll & Accounting Specialist