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Leave Management

Leave management systems are a valuable addition to any business, ensuring that all local, state and federal regulations are followed automatically, while also streamlining the leave management process.

The leave management system automates leave accrual calculations, eliminating the time-consuming manual tasks involved in the upkeep of accrual information and delivering balances in real-time. The system supports calculation of annual allocations, accurate deduction of time used from specific leave types, automatic recalculation of leave balances based on approved timesheet submission, and pro rate holiday and benefit accruals for part-time employees.

User-Defined Leave Events

Our system supports a virtually unlimited number of leave events, tracking each event, whether it’s sick, vacation, military, FMLA, or personal leave, via a unique accrual code. Configuration options include:

Real-Time Accrual Balances

Fully integrated with the time and attendance and scheduling modules, NOVAtime’s leave management module delivers accrual balances in real-time. Employees can consult these balances online, at the time clock (depending on model), or through our native mobile apps.

Self-Service Requests and Approvals

Full self-service capabilities support the time-off request and approval process in NOVAtime. Employees can request time off online, at the time clock (depending on model), or through our native mobile apps, while supervisors can approve requests online, through our native mobile apps, or by simply clicking a link in an email.

Secure, Workflow-Supporting Notifications

Workflow-enabled, the system sends secure email, text, and system messages to alert both supervisors and employees to pending, approved, or declined requests.


The FMLA module allows organizations to achieve streamlined management of FMLA leave events through compliant workflows supported by employee self-service features and online, editable FMLA forms. Notifications and reminders also enhance the system to ensure users complete all FMLA-related tasks in a timely fashion.