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At Cincinnati Time Systems, we appreciate serving our customers with professionalism, expertise, and supportive customer service. Our offerings of Time & Attendance, Parking, Access Control, and Video Surveillance, are supported by professional project management and quality assurance, installation, training, and ongoing support.

Our technicians install, train and service customers with 75 years of technical knowledge. Customers know they are in good hands with Cincinnati Time Systems, as we have among the largest staff of certified technicians in the nation. Thus, rarely do we encounter a situation we haven’t seen or worked with before.

Once a system is installed, we provide unlimited support and personalized training for 45 days, giving customers great comfort. Our on-site training at your company is customized depending specifically on your situation.


Project Management and Quality Assurance

One of the many ways that Cincinnati Time Systems stands apart from other companies is through our strong project management philosophies and procedures. Our professional training in project management has enabled us to develop a strong, clear and organized project management system. This provides an understandable path with agreed-upon goals, deliverables, and customer responsibilities, which we and our customers follow. This ensures quality, as we and our customers always are on the same page, from the moment we acquire your order to its installation and the training of your staff. The documented process keeps us moving forward according to established timelines and goals, leading to thousands of happy customers.


Installation and Training

Whichever Cincinnati Time Systems’ Time & Attendance, Parking, Access Control or Video Surveillance products/system you purchase, we professionally will install it for you according to your schedule. We will come to your facility, conduct various testings, parallels, and assess different interfaces. You then will be up and running, or “live,” as we say in the industry.

After installing your system, we will come out to your facility to conduct initial training and also perform follow-up training to ensure that your staff are comfortable and knowledgeable as to the products/system. We also offer free training at our facility for your new employees and others who may require additional help.


Ongoing Support

At Cincinnati Time Systems, we offer ongoing support to our customers to assess and fix any hardware or software that may require attention. For your hardware, we honor manufacturers’ warranties for parts and labor, and after a year we can extend your warranty.

For your software, we provide a free year of support, including unlimited phone calls and diagnostic support. So, feel free to call us as often as you’d like, and we will provide support via remote diagnostics by dialing into your system easily and diagnosing and fixing your software challenge. We also provide free updates and upgrades to your product.

We invite you to contact Cincinnati Time Systems, and we look forward to working with you.