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Revenue Control Systems
Federal APD

We offer three Federal APD revenue control systems at Cincinnati Time Systems: SST Auditor Power Pad , SST Ticket Spitter , and Pay-On-Foot Stations . We also offer Scan-Net Revenue Control Software :

We would be happy to help you choose the right revenue control systems products. Feel free to contact us at 248.615.8300
Power Pad

SST Auditor Power Pad

The Federal APD SST Auditor PowerPad, a completely automatic fee computer system, offers machine-readable fee calculations. Ideal for exit cashiering and central cashiering parking systems, it stores large amounts of information on the parking ticket. The system is an integral part of the Mag Stripe AutoRead System and features secure, magnetic stripe technology.
Ticket Splitter
SST Ticket Spitter®

To control entry lane traffic, SST Ticket Spitter® automatically issues encoded tickets to incoming parkers via the unit's Smart System Transport (SST®) mechanism. Magnetic stripe technology provides a reliable ticket read rate when used with SST Pay-On-Foot Station or SST Auditor PowerPad.

Pay-On-Foot Stations
Pay On Fot
Pay on Foot Stations provide an automated cashiering service to your parking customers. They can pay for their parking inside a building/area, instead of waiting at the toll plaza. Payment can be made through credit card or cash via a user-friendly ATM-type mechanism. The automatic cashiering provides flexible payment options, including payment, currency, parking payments and bank cards. Its revenue security includes a strong vault, tamper-resistant access door, and three-point locking system.

Scan-Net Revenue-Control Software

To work along with your revenue control system is Scan-Net revenue-control software. The complete, turnkey package fits with any parking system, ACS Collagefrom smaller surface lots to wide-area networking systems.

Cincinnati Time Systems would be happy to help you choose the right revenue control system for your needs. Feel free to contact us at 248.615.8300.

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