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Software Products

We offer a Web Based Solution for you

At Cincinnati Time Systems, our technologically-advanced, cutting-edge offerings in Time & Attendance include customized software solutions for:

  • Labor tracking
  • Job costing
  • Attendance points
  • Benefit accruals
  • Payroll interfaces

We can provide you with either a software-licensed program or a hosted solution to best serve your needs. Our Time & Attendance software solutions include:

5000 SAASBrochure 5000SaaS


Web Hosted Time & Attendance Software

Subscription-Based Solution For Virtually an Unlimited Number of Employees

Labor is one of the largest expenses that an employer incurs, but this can be controlled with the right automated workforce management tools in place. NOVAtime 5000 Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subscription-based hosted Time and Attendance / Workforce Management service. It's a cost-effective alternative to an in house based system and presents significant advantages to customers. We provide one of the most robust, scalable, SaaS (Software as a Service) workforce management solutions on the market, accommodating a virtually unlimited number of employees, pay codes, and pay rules.

All you need is a web browser! Customers gain access to 5000 SaaS through an internet browser. No software needs to be installed on the users' computers, nor will they need to worry about upgrades of the software or backups of the data. 5000 SaaS Software as a Service is simply easier, faster, and more cost-effective!

With a parameter-driven, open modular design, the system easily adapts to organizational changes.The subscription service presents a cost-effective alternative and presents significant business advantages!

Product Overview

5000 SaaS is the hosted version of our state-of-the-art, web-based workforce management system that has raised the bar both technically and functionally. Accessible through the internet, this system makes it easy and convenient to monitor your workforce and control labor costs. High-level functions are provided to help your management team analyze real-time work data to produce dramatic increases in efficiency and productivity.

  • User-friendly online portals for administrators, supervisors, and employees.
  • Highly configurable dashboard for supervisors and administrators that consolidates everything on a single screen, from employee data and daily processes, to system information and hardware statuses.
  • Interfaces with over 300 3rd party applications, including payroll/HR/ERP systems, eliminating double entry of shared information.
  • Wide selection of data collection devices, including biometric devices, swipe card, web browser, telephones, and mobile apps (for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows devices).

5000 SaaS is delivered to our clients through the cloud as a multi-tenant software solution. Using this method of delivery, our clients simply need a PC with a standard web browser and internet connectivity. No additional software is required to be installed on the remote workstation, significantly reducing implementation costs and the total overall cost of ownership.

Customer Benefits

Cincinnati Time Systems manages the ongoing performance tuning, system and application updates, security, and the stability of the 5000 SaaS. We continually offer the highest level of quality and service, which is built on the best possible hardware and software infrastructure to minimize the risk of service interruptions. Your monthly fee is based on the number of employees, users, and add-on solutions required to run your business; which ultimately leads to significant cost savings when compared to a traditional on-premise software application.

Access 5000 SAAS—the state of the art solution—
  • 100% web-based –only internet access required.
  • Access our system 24/7 via time clocks, PC, telephone, mobile devices, etc
  • No additional software is required to be installed on your remote workstation, significantly reducing implementation cost and the total cost of ownership.
  • Self-service portals ensure employees, supervisors, and administrators can perform key timekeeping tasks anytime, anywhere.
  • Dashboard: The 5000 SaaS dashboard offers a simple view into the data to highlight required actions and minimize the time spent navigating the system. Designed to offer supervisors and managers transparency and control of their workforce, it offers gadgets for employee attendance exception summary, time-off requests, daily punch head count, time clock status, pay period timesheet approval status, just to name a few.
  • Report Generator: With numerous easy to configure report templates, you can create hundreds of informative reports for your company. Cincinnati Time Systems 5000 SaaS System offers a powerful report generator allowing you to sort by any data field for any time period, filter by employee, labor groups or pay types, and print or export any report to Excel and PDF.
  • Add-On Modules: Cincinnati Time Systems's offers various optional modules that increase productivity and efficiency, including NOVAanalytics, a powerful business intelligence tool that harnesses the power of web API's, and Advanced Schedule Manager, an innovative scheduling solution that automates and enhances the scheduling capabilities of 5000 SaaS.
  • Local, State, and Federal Compliance: Cincinnati Time Systems's flexible rules engine supports ACA, PBJ, FMLA, and FLSA compliance.
  • Payroll interfaces: Over 300 available payroll bridges including ADP®, DM Payroll®, Paychex®, Ceridian®, Paycomm®, Millennium®, and Quickbooks®.
Minimize Compliance Risks

With labor laws constantly changing, it’s imperative that your workforce management solution change with them. Thanks to flexible, parameter-driven rules engine, your organization can easily configure system rules affecting the calculation of employee time, leave, and pay to help ensure compliance with complex local, state, and federal laws now and in the future.

Avoid Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Standard features in 5000 SaaS will allow you to track overtime, meal and rest periods, and expenses to avoid common Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Wage and Hour lawsuits. The system supports:

  • Management of exempt and non-exempt employees.
  • Multiple, complex overtime calculations, including daily, weekly, day-of-week, consecutive day, and weekend overtime, as well as Nevada Overtime.
  • Configurable meal and break periods by shift and penalties for missed meals or breaks to support various federal and state regulations, including California Meal and Break Rules.
Comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting

The PPACA module allows organizations to effectively monitor fulltime and full-time equivalent employees to avoid Affordable Care Act penalties. The module supports:

  • Accurate determination of full-time equivalency.
  • Definition of the Standard Measurement, Administration, and Stability periods for ongoing employees.
  • Definition of Startup, Initial Measurement, Administration, and Stability periods for new employees (as specified by the safe harbor methods).
  • Reports showing full-time equivalencies and hours.

5000 Star Brochure

Cincinnati Time Systems offers 5000 STAR, an ideal solution for businesses looking for full control over their Workforce Management system. This self-hosted service is installed on your own servers, making you in charge of software management. Read our product overview below to find out what NOVAtime 5000 STAR can do for you!

5000 STAR is the self-hosted, licensed version of our state-of-the-art, web-based workforce management system that has raised the bar both technically and functionally. Accessible through the internet, this system makes is easy and convenient to monitor your workforce and control labor costs. High-level functions are provided to help your management team analyze real-time work data to effect dramatic increases in efficiency and productivity.

5000 STAR is implemented into the client’s environment as a single-tenant, on-premise application. Several of the modules that are options in competitor’s products are standard in 5000 STAR, and Cincinnati Time Systems has developed interfaces to over 300 payroll, HRIS, ERP, Job Tracking, Scheduling and Accrual systems. Furthermore, with our web service integration platform, Enterprise Web Services (E.W.S.), our solution offers real-time access to data using standard XML/SOAP formats to eliminate the need to enter data into multiple systems. By having a single software library to maintain we can shorten the development cycle and provide all of our clients with the best, most up to date workforce management software. Additionally, our disciplined testing, certification and product release schedule guarantees a reliable product that will meet your most rigorous time and attendance requirements.

Gain Full Control with a Self-Hosted solution:

  • Self-hosting gives our clients full control of their software AND server.
  • The client’s IT will be responsible for daily backup, server updates, and software updates.
  • Allows the client to host the software on their own servers, eliminating the need to attain time consuming certifications.
  • The client has full control of who can access their software.

Access is limited to computers within the client’s network only.

We look forward to guiding you towards the ideal solution for your needs!

Smooth Migration to NOVAtime SaaS

If at any time in the future your organization decides that it would like to leave its IT headaches to someone else, we can quickly and easily migrate your STAR database, including all historical time punches, audit trails, active and inactive employees, from your servers to our secure, SSAE16 Type II certified data center. Within a matter of hours, your organization will be able to take advantage of our 5000 SaaS solution.

Clocks/data collection/hardware devices:

  • Biometric Handpunch Terminal
  • NT 7000
  • NT55
  • 65M
  • PC Key-In


Small Business Edition Time & Attendance Software

For Up to 100 Active Employees

Do you seek to:

  • Get rid of paper timecards and manual calculations?
  • Reduce administrative costs and increase employee productivity?
  • Enforce consistent pay policies?
  • Improve employee scheduling and share employees' work schedules with management?
  • Provide a variety of reports that strengthen management decision-making?

Cincinnati Time Systems offers NOVAtime 1000, a powerful yet inexpensive time and attendance tracking solution for small business. This entry-level solution provides high value at a lower price and represents the ideal software tool for centrally automating and managing your timesheets/time clocks. Make timely decisions in a few keystrokes, as you easily determine employees that are in, out, and approaching overtime. Through automated key calculations, arrange and attend to industry requirements and individual time management needs.

As a small business solution for organized employee time and attendance records, CTS 1000 software provides audit trails of employee time punches and easy access to employee information for labor audits or labor disputes.

CTS 1000 offers different software models:

  • CTS 1000 SBE PC Key-In
  • CTS 1000 SBE Express

Each CTS 1000 model is fully upgradeable to the unlimited employee version, and the web-enabled version, both supporting thousands of employees. Therefore, easily grow into more advanced software options without re-training your staff or re-entering data/features, and maintain customized programming changes.

We look forward to guiding you towards the ideal solution for your needs! Contact us today.

Data collection/hardware devices:

Cincinnati Time Systems offers the following clocks/hardware as a perfect match for your CTS 1000 software:

  • NT300
  • PC Key-In

PC Key In

Small Business Edition Time & Attendance Software

Designed for small businesses with up to 100 active employees.

The PC-Key-In software interface (also known as PC Punch) is a workstation based time clock that provides an efficient and inexpensive alternative to time clocks by allowing employees to register IN and OUT punches from their workstations, or at a central computer.

PC Key-In has programmable function keys can be set to allow review of accumulated worked hours, accrued benefit hours, entering pay code hours (vacation, sick, etc.), and dollar amounts (tips, bonus, etc.) as well as department or job transfers.

PC-Key-In can interface with an optional bar code wedge to read badges and minimize manual key in, as well as an optional touch screen to facilitate usage.

Employee Management

Setting up employees could not be simpler. Information can be imported from an existing payroll or accounting system or manually key-in at the conveniently formatted entry screen. Whichever way you choose, it only takes a few steps.

Up to 3 levels of employee groups can be defined to allow easy breakdown of employees reports by groups as well as hours worked in each specific group.

Although only a few pieces of information are required by the software to operate, 1000 PC-KeyIn provides several fields to accommodate all relevant information for your employees, including pay profile, personal profile, reviews notepad, and a convenient tool to keep track of benefit hours such as Vacation and Sick Leave used by each employee.

Legacy Software Products

No longer for sale, but still supported.

At Cincinnati Time Systems, we stand by our products. Even though we can no longer sell the following products we will always support them. Our team is dedicated to providing the utmost customer care. Call us at 248-615-8300 for any questions on the following products:

  • TruTime
  • Nova 2000
  • Nova 3000
  • Nova 4000/STARbox

Time & Attendance

Cincinnati Time Systems offerings are among the most robust in the industry, offering endless configuration options not only for timesheet editing and approvals, but also for complex pay rules, workflow-supporting notifications, and user-friendly self-service portals.
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Add-On Modules

With the powerful CTS solution already in place, introducing these add-on modules will make workforce management even more productive and efficient. Read our product overview below to find out what the CTS Add-On Modules can do for you!
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Leave Management

Completely integrated with our time and attendance and scheduling functionality, Cincinnati Time Systems's Leave Management module automates leave accrual calculations and delivers balances in real-time. The module also features self-service capabilities and secure notifications for both employees and supervisors to support the time-off request and approval process.
More Information

Advanced Schedule Manager

The Advanced Schedule Manager (ASM) offers a variety of innovative add-on features that enhance and automate the scheduling capabilities of 5000 SaaS. With automatic schedule generation, ASM allows for dynamic and powerful workforce schedule management methods that ultimately increase efficiency and productivity.
More Information

Employee Scheduling

CTS offers two robust scheduling options. The Core Scheduling Module supports the creation and maintenance of an unlimited number of employee schedules and offers various time-saving features, such as schedule copying and group scheduling. Designed to meet complex scheduling needs, the Advanced Schedule Manager supports automatic schedule generation according to priority and resource requirements.
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Payroll Interfaces

Cincinnati Time Systems payroll interfaces (or payroll bridges) are uniquely designed to provide outstanding flexibility and connectivity to practically any payroll system on the market today.
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Local, State, and Federal Compliance

Our solution can accommodate a myriad of complex labor laws at the local, state, and federal levels. In addition, the system offers modules and features specifically designed to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and various local and state sick leave laws.
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Data Centers

SaaS is a method of software delivery that is provided through the Cloud, meaning the solution can be accessed through the internet at any time. The SaaS solution is hosted in an off-site data center, as opposed to being implemented on-premise in a customer’s own environment, eliminating the cost of hardware provisions and system maintenance.
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Third-party Integration

CTS's solutions seamlessly integrate with many H.R., Payroll, and ERP business systems to provide a complete workforce management solution for our customers. Integration is accomplished using traditional flat-file import and export or web services.
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